Soton Unveils DAO Token Launch Pad

2 min readMay 15, 2023

Good news! We at Sonet have been working diligently to expand product features on our platform. Our newest feature on Soton’s Telegram Bot is our DAO Token Launch Pad that is live to test on testnet as well as the mainnet version to aid DAO projects to launch, sell and market their tokens directly on Telegram!

A token launchpad is a platform that helps cryptocurrency projects launch their tokens through initial coin offerings (ICOs), initial index offerings (IDOs), or other fundraising mechanisms. It provides a suite of tools and services to help project teams create, launch, and manage their token’s sale in a streamlined and secure manner. Our token launchpad offers features such as token creation, token sale management, KYC/AML compliance, fundraising campaign analytics, and more. Launchpads have become increasingly popular in the crypto space as they provide a more efficient and cost-effective way for startups to raise capital and for investors to get early access to promising projects.

By leveraging a token launchpad, Sonet’s ecosystem of projects can benefit from the platform’s built-in investor community, marketing resources, and fundraising infrastructure. Through this, Sonet can consult, advise, and incentivize our partner DAOs with the launch of their tokens, while facilitating them generate liquidity though swap pairs with Sonet Token ($SON).

Step-by-Step Instructions are as follows:

  1. Connect your wallet to “Soton” telegram bot.
  2. Click on “View DAOs” and initiate the LaunchPad button
  3. To create, click on “Deploy a LaunchPad”
  4. Fill out requested details
  5. Make sure to verify the transaction through your wallet app.
  6. You should get a pop up message in Soton, if the transaction went through successfully.
  7. Congratulations! You can view your token(s) in the LaunchPad — List view.

Again, Soton’s Token Launch Pad is officially live on both testnet and mainnet versions! Please feel free to give our new feature a try, and reach out to the Sonet team if you have any questions. Thank you and we look forward to your feedback!


TESTNET: (ensure ALL components are in testnet version!)

Full Tutorial Video: Set up Soton now!

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