2 min readDec 1, 2022

Sonet (Soda) Partners with Ancient8 to Help Pioneer Gaming Infrastructure and Community Engagement

Sonet x Ancient8

Sonet is very excited to support Ancient8’s World Cup Playground as a valued event contributor and strategic partner! Sonet is partnering with Ancient8 to help pioneer gaming infrastructure and community engagement in the gaming industry.

Ancient8 is a platform that develops Web3 gaming infrastructure focusing on hosting upcoming Web2 & Web3 eSports tournaments and support to enhance brand awareness and community engagement of partners.

On behalf of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament, Sonet’s community will be participating in Ancient8’s World Cup Playground by running a match result prediction competition to test out their knowledge on soccer and which team will win the championship!

As part of the Sonet’s DAO ecosystem, members are welcome to participate in this user-friendly experience by simply registering on their site with their emails! For more details, please read below:

  • The Ancient8 World Cup Playground will last from Dec 1st to Dec 22nd.
  • Users are free to join voting and share the total prize pool of $22,500 (in stable coins and Steam Gift Cards) and exclusive NFTs/Whitelists offered from partners, which will be automatically distributed to winners!
  • Deploy on BNB & Solana.

NOTE: Participants must complete the following actions to vote:

  1. Register UID (by email/Web3 wallet) at
  2. Go to the EVENT [link] to vote before the match starts.

(Voting will be closed as soon as the match starts).

This is a great way to stimulate community engagement freely for participants with the chance to get rewarded from the pool of up to $22,500.

About Ancient8

Ancient 8 is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and infrastructure layer for GameFi with a focus on community and software platforms. As Vietnam’s largest blockchain gaming guild, Ancient8 enables everyone to build and play in the Metaverse through scholarship, education, community, institutional-grade research, and blockchain software products. Their vision is to democratize social and financial access in the Metaverse, and are on a mission to reach, educate, and empower the next 100 million Metaverse citizens through the blockchain.

About Sonet

Sonet is focused on resolving the communication problems of Web3 by creating bridges for Web3 networks as well as connecting traditional Web2 media platforms. Existing Web2 applications like popular social networks, and future apps will be created using our SDK middleware development framework. Our middleware aggregator, enables end users to interact in Web2 using Web3 infrastructure services.


Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.