Sonet is Dedicated to Building on TON

3 min readMar 3, 2023


Sonet is Dedicated to Building on TON.

Sonet is excited to announce its integration on the TON blockchain, The Open Network, which will expand its social middleware to better connect to Telegram and its innovative projects building on the premier Web3 communication platform next to Twitter. The idea is to continue to build on different networks and platforms to revolutionize how DAOs and NFT projects can effectively use Telegram as a platform for their project management, marketing and community engagement.

TON is designed by Telegram, which aims to establish a decentralized platform for social applications across Web2 and Web3 funnels. The innovative blockchain, founded in 2017, continues to differentiate in technological capabilities to offer messaging, file sharing, and financial services on an active 500M+ usebase from Telegram.

By integrating with TON, Sonet can acquire valuable user data and become the intersection between Web2 and Web3. This integration, along with Telegram’s social identity aspect, makes Sonet more valuable and high-fidelity across different sources. Acquiring user data will allow us to understand user behavior from a click anywhere on the web to any on-chain action, whether your funnel starts with a post and ends in a NFT purchase or token staking.

With much excitement, we have developed our beta product called Soton which is a dApp building tools and services directly on Telegram to enhance the platform’s features to improve the overall Web3 functionality and utility for DAOs and NFT projects. Soton will elevate project management, marketing, and community engagement to reduce friction of redirecting from site to site.

The following article will be released soon with more details about Soton and its launch!

Key features include: DAO management and NFT minting, Vote participation and sharing functionalities, Data analytics and education, Central UI accessibility!

We have contacted more than 200 projects in the TON ecosystem, including the TON foundation and First Stage Labs (renowned VC in TON) to start building a relationship and asking them to test the Soton Beta product. Partnering with these projects, we plan on collaborating and creating incentive programs for their community members to use the Soton Telegram bot and participate in governance, marketing surveys, and rewards through our app!

We are ecstatic about Telegram’s innovative approach and successful implementation in Web3, as it positions itself as a Web2 social platform spearheading Web3 social media and communication. We look forward to not only continuing to build on TON, but expanding our tooling platform to serve other parts of the world!

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About Sonet

Sonet is focused on resolving the communication problems of Web3 by creating bridges for Web3 networks as well as connecting traditional Web2 media platforms. Existing Web2 applications like popular social networks, and future apps will be created using our SDK middleware development framework. Our middleware aggregator, enables end users to interact in Web2 using Web3 infrastructure services.

About Ton

The Open Network (TON) is a blockchain project that was created by the team behind the popular messaging app, Telegram. TON aims to provide a decentralized platform for a variety of applications, such as messaging, file sharing, and financial services. The TON blockchain was designed to be fast, secure, and scalable, with the ability to process millions of transactions per second. It features a unique “shard” architecture that allows the network to be divided into smaller segments for more efficient processing. TON combines proof-of-stake and Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanisms to achieve high speed and security.




Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.