Sonet (Soda) Partners with Streambird for Faster Wallet Onboarding with Web2

Sonet (Soda) x Streambird

Soda Extension by Sonet is pleased to announce its partnership with Streambird to provide seamless Web2 onboarding, user-friendly gnosis safe integration, enhanced wallet security and future support for Twitter connected login for DAOs. Converting and onboarding newly activated Web2 users on Twitter has been a major pain point for DAOs in our ecosystem.

Sonet will collaborate with Streambird to develop and provide an integrated solution and service. The plan is for Sonet middleware to integrate Streambird’s seamless application across all of its Web2 extensions and Web3 bridges including the Soda Extension.

We are excited to help trailblaze Web2 wallet onboarding, security and integration for the DAO and NFT space, following Streambird’s lead.

Full details on how Streambird will help our DAOs below under the “About” section.

About Streambird

Streambird is an embeddable unified Web3 infrastructure, built for developers. We enable companies to provide the best Web3 onboarding experience for the next billion users, all powered by a single unified API. This includes everything from identity, fraud detection, KYC, wallet management, payments, transfers, to off-chain data storage. Now, developers can build streamlined and immersive user experiences in hours instead of months. Streambird is the ultimate enterprise-grade turnkey solution to Web3 onboarding.

About Sonet

Sonet is focused on resolving the communication problems of Web3 by creating bridges for Web3 networks as well as connecting traditional Web2 media platforms. Existing Web2 applications like popular social networks, and future apps will be created using our SDK middleware development framework. Our middleware aggregator, enables end users to interact in Web2 using Web3 infrastructure services.

Soda Extension is Sonet’s first application committed to supporting NFT projects & DAOs.

Details of Streambird’s immediate and future impact:

A- The core of Streambird is an identity platform that combines Web2 and Web3 logins, wallet management, KYC, and onramp.

B- Our goal is to provide you the tool to make user onboarding easy. Your users will be able to choose to adopt Web3 native logins or Web2 based login where Streambird effectively serves as your wallet manager that leverages our KMS behind to scene to make using a Streambird provisioned wallet just like MetaMask.

C- Built-in onramp and integration with MoonPay allows your users to top up their wallets with a single click via credit card or other traditional payments. Which can then be used within a Gnosis safe or perform other on-chain actions.

D- Token gating will be launching soon to make managing users from Web3 or Web2 feel like a breeze.

2. How to use Streambird with Gnosis

A- Streambird allows any apps and dApps to use Web2 based login to generate ETH wallets that can be delegated as owner/owners of a Gnosis safe

B- Streambird will be launching a unified login SDK that allows you to combine Web3 native logins (e.g. MetaMask) with Web2 based login (e.g. Email, phone number, Social Login/OAuth)

3. Gnosis API

A- Gnosis safe generation and management can also be daunting and not user friendly for many organizations. Streambird will be launching a Gnosis safe API leveraging our wallet management and key management API to allow DAOs to create and manage Gnosis safe easily either via an API or our portal.

B- The new API will enable Gnosis safe management with just a few API calls. It will also integrate deeply with our Streambird Web2-based wallet infrastructure to make adding an owner as easy as adding an email.

A- Our live platform leverages AWS KMS behind the scene to secure wallet private keys. KMS uses HSM (hardware security module) encrypt all data. However, we are also working on a MPC (multi-party computation) wallet with Lit Protocol. This new MPC architecture means no one owns the private key and decentralized nodes with participation from OpenSea and Google will independently sign using their partial keys while communicating with Streambird to verify the user has a valid identity session.

B- This MPC wallet will later be provided as a single SDK suite and to the developer, it will feel just like our existing KMS-based wallet. Zero code change is required from the developer.

A- Currently, our platform already support Google and Discord OAuth. We also plan to support Twitter and many more OAuth providers to allow for more social logins.



Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.

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Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.