Launching Soton Powered by Sonet

3 min readMar 14, 2023


Introducing…Soton! Sonet’s beta product has officially launched. Soton is a dApp bot on Telegram designed to enhance Sonet’s social middleware and provide a consummate user experience on-chain through TON.

Read the previous article to learn more about this integration: Sonet is Dedicated to Building on TON.

Soton will revolutionize the way Web3 projects can build and grow on Telegram by enhancing its web3 functionality and utility to reduce friction of redirecting from site to site. The product will be able to perform through its main use-cases: project management, marketing, and community engagement. As a middleware, we are working diligently to provide solutions for the current Web3 problems at hand. Our Soton Telegram bot will provide users the ability to create a DAO, participate in governance, NFT marketing and tokengating, and more.

Now, how does it work? Easy!

Right now, Sonet has finalized the bot’s DAO governance and NFT gating functionalities. This demo will provide step by step instructions on how to activate Soton bot into your group chat.

Things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Make sure you create a ton hub wallet and import that wallet to getgems.
  2. Create a NFT collection and add NFT to that collection.
  3. Create a group chat for your DAO.
  4. Open Soton Bot by looking it up on the search bar on Telegram.
  5. Initiate the command prompt “/start” to begin creating your DAO.
  6. Click on the “Soton” button and make sure to bind your wallet address to which you purchased the NFT collection from.
  7. Add the Soton bot to your group chat by following instructions from the bot.
  8. Once you have invited the Soton bot into your group chat, open the group chat and provide the bot admin access.
  9. Great! Now you can create a DAO by initiating the command prompt “/start@Web3SotonBot” and follow instructions by the bot.
  10. Note: You can only create a DAO successfully if the Soton bot validates the wallet address that’s bound has an NFT from the NFT collection you purchased.

After you’ve gone through the entire process, you will have the ability to unlock DAO governance and marketing management: view your DAOs and DAO status, create proposals, vote on proposals, perform marketing surveys, provide rewards and more!

Soton powered by Sonet is a huge step forward to our journey as we continue to build on multiple platforms bridging Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks. The long term impact of Soton will consist of the following:

  • Influence builders to create software and tools on our middleware using our SDK.
  • Grow its user base in Web3 and convert new users from Web2 by creating incentives and utility on our platform.
  • Projects and consumers will convert at a higher rate and can be monetized in a future date based on usage.
  • Share with the community to enhance fidelity based on identity and attributions.

We are eager to continue building our tools to best aid the community and we would be more than grateful to have as many projects willing to support and test our product! We value feedback from the entire ecosystem, and would be delighted to set up a call to discuss further improvements and suggestions.

If interested, please contact us via socials: Thank you and we hope you enjoy and find our product beneficial to your project!

About Sonet

Sonet is an all-in-one service provider that tackles multiple layers from front-end to back-end for consumers and builders. Sonet is focused on resolving the communication problems of Web3 by creating bridges for Web3 networks as well as connecting traditional Web2 media platforms. Existing Web2 applications like popular social networks, and future apps will be created using our SDK middleware development framework. Our middleware aggregator, enables end users to interact in Web2 using Web3 infrastructure services.




Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.