Launching SodaDAO on Soda! (+ SoCat NFT Airdrop)

2 min readJun 15, 2022
Participate in the SoCat NFT Airdrop beginning today!

Announcing SodaDAO

We are excited to announce the launch of SodaDAO to democratize the future of Soda! Our new initiative to launch a DAO for Soda will give our community members a say in the future of the Soda app! (Read on for our airdrop initiative)

SodaDAO will be governed and managed through our existing SoCat NFT collection. Benefits granted to our community members through the SoCat ownership include not only membership in SodaDAO, but also benefits described in our previous article including whitelist allocation for the $Sonet token.

Governance participation in the SodaDAO– including proposal creation and voting– will be granted through ownership of the SoCat NFT. We want our community to actively participate, creating future initiatives and suggesting updates to the Soda app through SodaDAO.

SoCat Airdrop Campaign (Here!)

Nearly 60 SoCat NFTs have already been distributed to our active community members, initially on the Polygon testnet. In the last week we have initiated the process of airdroping SoCat holders their SoCat NFT on Ethereum mainnet, which will be used to grant membership in SodaDAO. Current SoCat holders can expect to see their new SoCat airdropped in their wallets in the coming days. (Please note: The SoCat airdrop may be subject to minor delays to minimize gas fees)

To expand the Soda Community, we are launching a campaign to airdrop an additional 40 SoCat NFTs to our strategic partners and engaged community members. This allows us to reward our active key partners and community members while expanding access to SodaDAO!

To enter the campaign you will need to carefully complete the Google Form here, carefully following the required steps. The campaign is designed to reward our most active community members, knowing that these members will positively impact and contribute to Soda DAO.

Winners to the campaign will be announced on our Twitter– Good luck!




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