2023 Road Map Updates from Social-focused DAOs — AlphaDAO, BubbleDAO, Thirsty Thirsty, and Web3 Familia

Over the past year, social impact has emerged as a powerful means of introducing web3 to the public and driving community growth. Despite market fluctuations, we’ve discovered that interest and curiosity from the non-web3 community remain high. Recently, we organized a Twitter space featuring representatives from AlphaDAO, BubbleDAO, Thirsty Thirsty, and Web3 Familia to discuss their current DAO journey and its impact on their road mapping approach this year.

The overarching theme of the conversation was the shift of focus in community building and expanding networks globally during the bear market. All four DAOs vocalized that they are utilizing this opportunity to strengthen their small communities and continue to educate and find solutions for their problems in preparation for the bull market. Thirsty Thirsty emphasized the importance of empowering the active community to iterate from within by listening to their desires to earn their loyalty and trust. Meanwhile Web3 Familia aims to continue strengthening their international relationships while establishing new ones. They even meet developers in South America, Spain, and Mexico to learn how each country is addressing gaps within the chain in hopes to provide insight on ways to improve and build on the chain.

The overall goal is to address the same problems and pain points in helping non-web3 communities learn about and activate into web3 while staying true to their mission statements. DAOs emphasized the importance of hosting and attending events from local to global scales, each with a specific theme that emphasizes their identity. For example, BubbleDAO collaborates with other women-founded projects for events like Web3 Trivia night to provide unity as well as educational enhancement. Despite declining attendance at events, DAOs continue to host them to expand their presence and community in order to position themselves for success when the bull market hits. Their optimistic views on the situation should spark as an inspiration to keep the momentum going, tune out the noise, and continue building and pushing towards those goals.

They believe that more non-web3 individuals will enter the market in the upcoming cycle, creating opportunities for social and venture DAOs to capitalize on this trend. Collaboration and complementary efforts will be key to managing this influx successfully. Overall, we encourage entrepreneurs and developers to push forward and develop their ideas, as the bear market is an excellent time to prepare for future success and produce a promising product. Continuing to establish a strong community no matter the status of the market will determine the success of your DAO.


Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.

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Sonet is an open-source middleware extending Web3 infrastructure and services to Web2 social networks.